Have we met? My name is Sanni Olasvuori and I'm a painter from Finland. I live, dream and paint in Espoo. If you want to visit my studio, you are more than welcome! Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a date. 

I paint in natural light and my process is intuitive. Every painting has a theme. Sometimes it's a simple thought or a feeling and sometimes a more complex continuum of growth. 

Very often I meet with inspiration at night. It can be just before I fall asleep, in the middle of my dreams or when I wake up. I remember seeing shapes and colors already as a young child and this is still how inspiration appears to me. Sometimes as a more precise idea, sometimes in a more vague form of colors and shapes. Some paintings brew in my mind for ages and take their time. Some need to get out right away. But one thing all my paintings have in common: they are all made of love. And when I step in front of my easel, I am always surprised. Sometimes a little, sometimes a whole lot. Isn't life just amazing? 

Do you want to order a commissioned painting? Do you have questions about my paintings or alternative payment options? Ideas for cooperation? Maybe you just want to say hi?  You can fill in the form below or reach me by email, just write me at I would love to hear from you!