Abstract artist Sanni Olasvuori in her creative space


Have we met?

I'm Sanni Olasvuori, an abstract painter, a color lover and a wannabe gardener. I am based in Helsinki, Finland. I paint only in natural light and my process is intuitive. I believe that when a creative process if joyful, so is the result. Every painting has its own theme. Sometimes it's a passing thought or a feeling and sometimes a more complex continuum of growth. 

Very often I meet with inspiration at night. It can be just before I fall asleep, in the middle of my dreams or when I wake up. I remember seeing shapes and colors already as a young child and this is still how inspiration appears to me. Sometimes as a more precise idea, sometimes in a more vague form of colors and shapes. Some paintings brew in my mind for ages and take their time. Some need to get out right away. But one thing all my paintings have in common: they are all filled with hope.

I like to work in gentle cycles of commissions and collections, so please feel welcome to take a look at both. If you want to be the first one to hear about my new collections and exciting happenings, make sure you subscribe to my lovely newsletter. 

If you want to visit my studio (Bulevardi 31), you are more than welcome! Just get in touch (email at info@sanniolasvuori.com) and we’ll arrange a date.  

As seen in In Her Studio Spring 2021 Issue
Artist Sanni Olasvuori In Her Studio magazine Spring 2021 issue